Lake Worth

Lake Worth is a small town about mid way between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. As with every town, there are undeserved areas that need help to reach their full potential. It has been our experience that when the people in the area see that we come to them with resources but that they must be partners with us to make their community a place that is a pleasure to live in with opportunities they never had, they become EMPOWERED! When that happens, they take control of their lives by having their own Candidate Night during elections, they run for office themselves and they take control of their community.

Our motto is You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We need people with passion for helping others and money to be part of the Solution! Everything is better when we work together. That is why we are successful. We use a holistic approach by seeing what is needed, then looking for organizations and individuals with certain talents. We ask them to join us so that together all of us are taking part in the effort to improve the community and EMPOWER the people living there.

In order for any of this to happen, we need money donations as well as in kind donations and volunteers to help with the different projects required to transform the community.

If you help these undeserved communities, we guarantee you will feel better about doing your part to make a little part of America and Palm Beach County better. Then we move on to another town EMPOWERING another undeserved community.