Voice Outreach


Paint houses of people who need help to improve look of each house. May need to help clean yard as well. ONLY OUTSIDE OF HOUSES. Great community activity. Local contractors invited!

Find local coaches and volunteers interested in opening parks to allow sports and other activities so children of all ages have a safe place to play. Police Benevolent Association might be willing to act as some of the coaches. Also bring in young cosmeticians, fashion designers, etc. to work with interested children. Wide range of activities to raise self confidence and self esteem.

Get lighting put in parks through cooperation with city or county officials. Cuts down on pregnancies.

Develop community gardens for community members to grow fresh produce.

Have a market day that includes garden produce and various things made by local people so it becomes a money producing and social event either monthly or weekly. Food trucks invited.

Help promote community business and local hiring because of less crime, cleaner and more attractive environment and local people empowered.

Where there are drug houses or foreclosed houses that the city or county can buy at a reduced price, we help community clean them up and turn them in to tutoring centers for children to be tutored in using a part time administrator and volunteers tutoring.

Work with pastors to develop a day care center for the community children who are currently alone until adults come home.

9. Work with local people who want to run for office with training and organizing their campaign. This includes introducing them to DEC andgetting them involved in precinct work, candidate training, etc.

Have seminars at churches and public places as to what voting in elections does for their community by making their zip code an important one for candidates and officials to pay attention to. We need a speaker who represents VOICE who goes around speaking on the subject. Someone they have seen helping them in other ways.

Have city hall agree to allow various artists to have a space on the commercial buildings that they get a permit for, to paint art in that space. You can see that in areas of Miami like Wynwood area or lower Manhattan.

Work with principal of school to find projects the children can do that we can help with that would improve the atmosphere and be of help.

Working with the school system and a principal, allow Samantha Lamothe to begin a pilot program of Mindful Meditation in the elementary school. It eliminates suspensions and detentions.

If possible, find way to do vocational training for unemployed or under employed.